A space, whether it's your home or a business you visit everyday, can provoke feelings. Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt at ease, or otherwise? How does your space make you feel?

Have you walked into a room and immediately made some assumptions about it based on what you saw? Spaces can be designed to communicate. What does your space say about you?

Don't assume that hiring an interior designer is only for the very wealthy  - that it will be expensive or unnecessary - in fact, design can save you a lot of money and time. Design is all about planning - and having a clear plan of action to renovate or to furnish your home or business will help you be more cost effective. Spending countless hours researching items only to have them not work together is time better spent elsewhere. A designer will keep you from making costly mistakes and help you make investments which can increase the value of your home.  I have vendor resources and industry contacts so I can easily source the best products and line up the right people to work on your project.

We will not only help you to define and enhance your space, we will elevate your space - to compliment your lifestyle and to visually communicate your unique story.

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